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  • Time-Stamping Authority.
  • Digital Signatures for PAdES, CAdES and XAdES.
  • API and Webservices SaaS for Digital Signatures.
  • PKI - Public Key Infraestructure Software.
  • Cryptographics Tokens and Smartcards.
  • Certificates SSL/TLS for Webservers.
  • Certificates to Sign Electronic Documents PDF.
  • Certificates to Secure E-mails.
  • Certificates CodeSign.
  • Remote ID Authentication and Identity Verification.
  • Biometric Authentication.
  • Register and Management of TLDs - Domain Names.
  • Advanced Electronic Signatures with WACOM®.
  • Cookie Consent Management Platform.
  • Electronic Contracts Online Signatures.
  • Data Protection Solutions.
  • Documents Scanning and Verification.
  • IT Asset Management Software.
  • Next-Gen Backup and Recovery Solutions.
  • WebHosting and Dedicated Servers.

Digital Identity

  • Digital Certificates to Sign Documents.
  • Digital Certificates SSL/TLS.
  • Code-Sign Certificates.
  • PKI On-premise and Cloud.
  • Register and Monitoring of Domain Names (gTLD).
  • Register and Management of DID.

Fraud Prevention

  • DoubleCheck®, remote ID verification.
  • BioSDK®, biometric autehntication software.
  • Secugen®, biometric readers.
  • PrivacyARM®, Cookies and Protect Data Platform.
  • AuthFactor®, 2FA vía SMS, VoIP & E-mail.

Digital Signatures

  • TSA - Authority Time-stamping.
  • OnDesk® Signature - Digital Signature Desktop.
  • OnMove® Signature - Digital Signature Mobile.
  • Signature Engine® - API of Digital Signature.
  • SecureEM® Digital Signatures for E-mail.
  • Intellisign® Electronic Signature Online.
  • Electronic Signature Solutions with WACOM®.
  • CodeSigner®, digital signatures for Apps.

Scanning and Verification Documents

  • Inteligob®, ECM for Public Sector.
  • PM-189 Scanner Test Target.
  • Inv®, IT Asset Management Software.
  • ScanBrilliant®, scanning and capture images.
  • Atlassian® and Jira® Service Desk.

Cryptographics Devices

  • Cryptographics Tokens Longmai 128KB.
  • Cryptographics Tokens ACS 64KB.
  • Smartcards ACS 64/192 KB.
  • Smartcards Readers.
  • HSM - Hardware Security Module

Web Hosting and Servers

  • Hosting Linux, Java and Windows.
  • CDN Management and Buckets.
  • Backup & Recovery information.
  • Co-location in United States.
  • DDoS Protection and Mitigation.


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Control panel to manage your Digital Identity Certificates to sign documents, certificates SSL/TLS, certificate to secure e-mails and CodeSigning.


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Our Customers

Successful implementations and projects about digital identity & security, digital signature and fraud prevention are resumed in this section.


AMEX developed its advanced digital and electronic signature project with GRAMD. This project allowed the electronic signature of new cardholders, key employees and managers of the organization at the national level for Peru and Ecuador.

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The Swiss multinational Glencore, the main private company dedicated to the sale and production of commodities and foods, make electronic signatures with GRAMD.

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The word-class cars brand has entrusted the security and data encryption for client/server connections to GRAMD through SSL certificates and activation of TLS protocols.

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About GRAMD®

Since 2006 we have been working to make safer communications and projects of our clients and business partners. GRAMD® has 14 years developing products and servicess of Fraud Prevention, Identity and Digital Protection, Encryption and Advanced Electronic Signature for the management of the consent of clients, employees and suppliers, as well as the development of projects of Protection of Personal Data.

Our work is supported by more than 4,500 clients in our operations of Colombia, Brasil, Panama and Perú and more than 50 specialists working 24 hours a day through our CustomerCenter® to ensure that their businesses remain connected with clients, employees and suppliers in a secure way.

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